The history of Laplanque

The property of Laplanque is owned by the Roques Rogery family since the thirteenth century.

The Roques Rogery have always been passionate about hunting, and this activity has always been part of Laplanque.


At the beginning of the nineteenth century, many wolve hunts were organised on the property of Laplanque.

Paule Roques and her husband have dedicated a big part of their life to hunting at the beginning of the twentieth century. The Vall d’Aran, a huge hunting area of the Pyrenees, was rented by the Roques Rogery to hunt Pyrenean chamois, bear and capercaillie during autumn. Mules were used to carry all the equipment to the hunting areas.

The hunting season in Laplanque started during the summer with the hunt of quails, then hares and partridges.


Didier Roques Rogery has been a professional hunter in Benin, Tanzania and other African countries. Passionate about big game, Didier, and more recently his son Guillaume, have been raising red stag, fallow deer and mouflon sheep in Laplanque over the past 30 years that are amongst the largest, trophy-wise, in France and Europe.

Until 2008, the hunting domain of Laplanque was private. In 2009, the property is open to foreign hunters looking for exceptional trophies of European game in a beautiful setting. In a friendly atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to taste “la vie de château”!