Booking / stay

In this section we explain the process of the reservation and stay with us. It is also important to notice that each stay with us is tailored to your needs.

1, You hear about us from friends, the Internet or at a trade show.

2, having read up on our web site, you contact us with an outline of your wishes.

3, Various communications form the base for a quote for your hunt.


4, The reservation is made and a deposit of 50% is paid.

5, You now furnish all documentation necessary for licenses and insurances etc.

6, The reminder of the cost is paid 40 days prior to your arrival.

7, We pick you up at one of the airports mentioned in the Travel section and take you to the chateau, or other agreed accommodation

8, Once installed, we set the rifles and go over equipment.


9, We normally hunt twice a day, in the morning and in the late afternoon, In between hunts we eat lunch, relax or go sightseeing, according to your wishes.

10, Any non-hunters in your party may arrange trips, relax and meet up each evening when we all have dinner together.

11, At the end of your stay we will calculate all extraneous costs incurred during the stay, including fees for trophies and trophy handling for settlement before departure.

12, We take you to the airport of your choice, listed in the Travel section on this web site, and say “Adieu”, or preferably, “Au revoir!”.

!3 we arrange transport of your trophies to the taxidermist, who prepares the trophies and exports them to the address of your choice